About Us

The origins

For nearly two centuries the family has tilled this farm that takes its name from the ancient owners. Francesco Pompilio and Carla have inherited from their parents not only the earth but also the passion for the agricultural activities that they practise full time.

The position

The “agriturismo” is located on hills in a sweet and varied landscape. Looking to the north you may see a few little towns perched on the heights and the colors of the countryside. To the south the Apennines with the distant peaks of the Gran Sasso and the Maiella and the nearer gullies, typical formations of bluish clay with poor but at the same time beautiful vegetation, thanks to the bushes of broom and tamarisk. On clear days you can see the sea.

Accomodation in the farmhouses

The guests are housed in three adjoining and restored farmhouses, surrounded by a park of 10 thousand square metres, with wonderful views. There are eight rooms, with a total of 18 beds, plus living and dining rooms.

The farm, where they practice organic techniques, covers about 90 hectares with vineyards, olive groves, cereals, sugar beet, fodder, oleaginous plants. Targeted specifically to the tourist activity are the poultry farm, the vegetable garden and the fields for crops typical of the area, such as spelled and anise, which are used to introduce the guests to local culinary traditions, mainly based on starchy foods and vegetables.

The activities

During the day you can follow the activities that take place in the farm. Pompilio Francesco and Carla intend to make more and more the farm serving the holiday farm.

There are plans to recover some old buildings, almost abandoned for a long time, but of considerable interest, restoring the original appearance.